Subject:Looking for Partner for TRICYCLE ASSEMBLE PROJECT in different countries!

Looking for Partner for TRICYCLE ASSEMBLE PROJECT in different countries!

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Looking for Partner for TRICYCLE ASSEMBLE PROJECT in different countries to start step by step with our FULL support.


Please download the PROPOSAL BAJAJ-AUTO-RICKSHAW TRICYCLE  ASSEMBLE PROJECT 2017.pdf and contact us for more details.


For assemble project, please check one by one as below:

First Stage (welded and painted): tricycle in CKD or SKD parts shipped to you and assemble in your workshop. Please choose models and start with orders.

Why painting workshop before welding workshop because parts need firstly welding then painting. If shipped to you without welding, that means need welding AND painting.

Second Stage (welded but no painted):  your sales increase and sales network working well, you set up a painting workshop, shipped to you welding but no painting. The price lower down.

Third Stage (no welded and no painted): welding workshop set up, shipped to you no welding and no painting like frame and cargo box can shipped to you in pieces, container load more, the price lower more.

Final Stage some parts manufactured by yourself,supply to you in IKD.

4 stages are our just our proposal for all customers whatever big or small, if you have enough power, we can go directly to THIRD STAGE as you like.



More details we understand each other, longer and closer we can join hands together. If we discuss the details in advance,we make conclusion and sign agreement when we meet in your country or China. Please tell us if you need any more details about us.

1. How many years your esteemed company start tricycle business, in retails or/and wholesale?

2. If you have factory or workshop, please send us pictures. Much easier for assembling our tricycle in your workshop with your experience, facilities and our technical support. If you do not have workshop yet, we help you to buy and install facilities to establish.

3. How many sales network shops and parts & service shops totally so far and in which cities?

4. Which brand and factory buy from now from China?  Monthly and yearly purchasing quantities?

5. T/T or confirmed L/C acceptable for us, what's your terms of payment?

6. What's the policy of after-sales service?

7. If you have made investigation for tricycle market in your country, please send us more details for our better understanding how to cooperate and support you.


What we can do?

1. Find qualified partner in your country like you, based on sole agency agreement, ship CKD/IKD parts to you, assemble in your workshop with our technical support.

2. On-time ship good quality products to you.

3. Full range products line help our customers to meet different market and end-users need. Even OEM/ODM production for our sole agents.

4. Full package of technical supports: assembling, testing, BOM (Bill of Material), Parts Catalogue, Users' Manual, Maintenance Guide.

5. Free training in our factory or our engineer training in your country.

6. Help our customer for showroom, sales outlet, service center set-up.

7. Help our customer to stipulate the market and competitor analysis, market strategy, advertising and promotion.



What you can do?

1. Good and supreme quality to keep your stable and sound profits coming.

2. Expand your business and win the competition and market share with our strong and full support.

3. Keep your stock always available for sales.

4. After-sales service to maintain the market and brand reputation.

5. Showroom, sales outlet, service center set-up.

6. Market trends and change feedback to us, so we adjust accordingly.

7. Market analysis and strategy, brand reputation image, with our strong support.


We can prepare the DETAILED ASSEMBLE PROJECT proposal for you, please firstly tell us your production ability according to your sales quantities monthly and yearly.


So we offer you custom-fit factory land layout and equipments & tool list:

1. Like cars production, tricycle also has 3 key important production progress: WELDING, PAINTING, ASSEMBLING.

A. Welding workshop layout, equipments & tools list including photos, functions, quantities, prices etc..

B. Painting workshop layout, equipments & tools list including photos, functions, quantities, prices etc..

C. Assembling workshop layout, equipments & tools list including photos, functions, quantities, prices etc..

D. Packing and testing layout, equipments & tools list including photos, functions, quantities, prices etc..

2. Itinerary roughly for project application step by step:


Project proposal agreement signed-Workshops set-up-equipment & tools shipping-Installation and trial operation-Start operation- After-sales service-technical and management support


We sincerely suggest you visit our factory and know how we manufacture tricycles, and also we discuss the assemble project easily and efficiently. Absolutely we will visit your country soon.

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